Three Joyful Moments.

If procrastination were a career option, I would be a millionaire. I always wait until the last minute to do things and I have a habit of forgetting to do things, especially if I don’t have them written down. I have sticky notes that remind me to look at other sticky notes. I am 24 years old and I still write on my hand at least four days out of the week as a reminder for something somewhere at sometime.

I also have a habit of trying to figure things out before they actually happen. I overthink things and often act as if I have a plan which will work out perfectly. While I have gotten much better at trusting God with my life, I can sometimes struggle with the concept of being present. I have learned to become more comfortable with living in the moments of  life rather than days, weeks or months of life, which is probably why surrendering my plans to God has become a good thing. When I know what is ahead I tend to loose my enthusiasm for present moments.

So tonight I challenged myself to reflect on three moments of my day which really encouraged me or brought joy in the moment.  Here’s to being present.

  1. My commute to work today was roughly 35-40 minutes one way. I drove to work alone, as most of us do, and I can honestly say I enjoyed my 40 minutes of alone time. I take Route 81 and I have one rule set for myself — Do not drive over 81 miles per hour on 81…so I like to keep it at 80 😉 But today I kept it at a steady 65-70 miles per hour. I clicked on the Bible App on my phone and listened to 2 Corinthians while admiring the warm colors of this morning’s sunrise. On my way home, I cracked the windows open a bit, enjoyed the smell of fresh air and listened to United Pursuit’s latest album. My commute today allowed me to celebrate the introvert side of myself. I prayed God would quiet the thoughts in my mind and open my ears to hear his fathering voice. Nothing extravagant happened, but for me it was a quiet time of worship when I was able to unwind and soak up God’s love.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
  2.  I keep a sunshine box in my room. I highly recommend everyone keep a
    sunshine box. They bring light to life’s duller days. In my sunshine box I keep special notes and cards from friends. I keep pictures of precious moments and tiny treasures in remembrance of days when I was overwhelmed with goodness. After a very emotional week, I opened my sunshine box and reminded myself of the light which has always surrounded me. It was a nice reminder that even in dimmer days, light still shines.
  3. Hugs. I received a lot of hugs today, and I really like hugs. While I embrace all hugs, I don’t particularly care for the wimpy ones. I like strong hugs, the ones that really embrace you so tight. Those kind of hugs seem to last longer. I like that. For me hugs express many different emotions — I miss you, I care for you, I’m here for you, thank you, I love you. They’re simple yet powerful reminders that someone is willing to reach out to you. From my mom to former students to friends, God knew I needed hugs, and he supplied them in multitude today.

While I may be a procrastinator, I will never procrastinate worship. I pray that in all I do, say and think I will honor and worship God. I may have a habit of trying to figure out my future, but my past has proven God is good, faithful and constant. His love keeps me secure. All my days are full of joy, but some days I need a little nudge to be reminded of that fact. God’s gift of hugs certainly lit up my day, moment by moment.


I leave for Thailand in 15 days, and boy is it difficult to remain present and try to get things together so I am not rushing around the day before I take off. For those who have been praying for me I thank you with much sincerity. The prayers of the righteous are so so powerful and mean so so much to me. I ask that if you are praying, please pray I remain present without getting too caught up in what’s to come.

If you would like to hear updates on my trip or a more in-depth prayer request, feel free to contact me. I would love to chat! Thank you for all the support and encouraging words. I have been overwhelmed by kindness and love. God is good all the time and all the time God is good!


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